Someone Wants Alex and Randal to Burn

Season 3 Episode 318
Aired on 03/07/2018 | CC tv-14
Alex has tried everything she can to get Randal to leave her alone. As a last resort, she leads Randal back to the shed where they started their affair. Alex tells Randal that she's willing to share custody of their baby. All she wants in return is peace.

"I'll go get him right now," she tells Randal. "I'll bring him to you. I'll let you see him. We can really work on healing our friendships and our families and moving forward."

While Alex is trying to extend an olive branch, Randal takes her kindness as an open invitation. "Take your clothes off," he tells her.

Alex tells Randal to stop. "That's not why I came here," she says.

Randal ignores Alex until, suddenly, her voice raises with panic. "Wait," she says. "Is that gasoline? What is that smell. It's gasoline!"

Within seconds, the shed begins to fill with smoke. Randal and Alex push on the doors to leave, but, to their horror, they discover that they're barricaded shut. Someone doesn't want them to get out alive—but who?