Randal's Secret Past Is Revealed

Season 3 Episode 308
Aired on 11/14/2017 | CC tv-14
Randal is furious when he learns that his old law school friend Larry is representing Marcie in their divorce. To smooth things over, Larry invites his Randal out for drinks so they can reminisce about their wild college days. The party eventually moves back to Randal's house, where Larry opens a door to their past.

"Hey, remember all those girls we did together?" Larry asks.

"Hell, yeah,” Randal replies. "I remember that, man. Slayed 'em."

“Then there was that time there were no girls,” Larry adds.

Randal pauses, caught off guard. "Yeah, well hey," he says, pouring himself another shot. "Ain't enough tequila in the world for that to happen again."

Randal makes it clear that he's moved on—but will the past stay in the past?

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