Randal Mistakes Natalie for a Fool

Season 3 Episode 317
Aired on 02/28/2018 | CC tv-14
Randal is furious with Alex after finding out that his paternity test results were tampered with. He believes that Alex must have convinced Dr. Raston to switch the DNA results, but he needs proof. Hoping to get information from one of Alex's friends, he pays Natalie a surprise visit. Natalie is suspicious the second Randal walks through her front door—and when he suddenly starts talking about Alex and Dr. Raston, she knows her intuition was right.

As Randal's motives become clear, Natalie decides to send him a message. She pulls out a knife and slams it down into the knife block. "So, you think I'm a fool, huh?" she says.

Since Randal wants Natalie to talk so badly, she offers some words to the man wreaking havoc in her friends' lives. "I'm going to tell you something," she says, looking Randal dead in the eyes. "I'm from the 'hood, and we don't do that. So, you get your ass out of my house right now, or they will take you out of here in little bitty pieces. I'm too smart for your bullshit."

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