Randal Crashes the Party

Season 3 Episode 314
Aired on 02/07/2018 | CC tv-14
Brad is furious after the scene he just witnessed. Alex was arguing with Randal in front of their home—even though she promised never to speak to him again. Brad drives off in anger to find Marcie, who is at a restaurant having dinner with Ian.

Randal follows close behind Brad, using the tracking device he installed on his car. He can't wait to confront Marcie about the information he just learned: Marcie is pregnant with his baby, not Brad's.

Randal struts into the restaurant, ready for a fight. "Hello," he greets the group mockingly.

"Let's go," Marcie announces to Brad and Ian.

"No," Brad says firmly. "I'm staying here."

Before Marcie can leave, Randal has a few questions. "Hey, so, are you pregnant with his baby?" he asks, pointing to Brad.

"Yes, I am," Marcie says, looking uncomfortable.

"A little birdie tells me otherwise," Randal says.

Marcie and Ian take that as their cue to leave, but Brad refuses to go with them. His blood begins to boil as Randal continues to antagonize Marcie, yelling threats to her as she leaves. While Randal's back is turned, Brad picks up a beer bottle and smashes it into Randal's skull—and a brawl ensues.

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