Randal Nearly Chokes Out Marcie

Season 1 Episode 129
Aired on 11/17/2015 | CC tv-14
Marcie has made no secret of her intention to get back at her cheating husband, Randal, by having an affair of her own, with Brad. Randal catches Marcie and Brad in the act—in the same backyard shed where he and Alex had their trysts—and he eventually snaps and assaults Marcie right in front of his mother, who desperately attempts to pull the much-larger Randal off of his wife before he chokes her to death.

Marcie finally manages to break free, and the couple angrily lay into each other. Randal tries to play the victim, but Marcie isn't having any of it. And, she informs Randal that what he witnessed in the shed is only the beginning.

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