Marcie Tells Louise Exactly Why She Cheated

Season 1 Episode 126
Aired on 10/27/2015 | CC tv-14
Randal's mother, Louise, finds Marcie in the backyard shed having sex with her neighbor Brad. Louise has been accusing Marcie of being an unfit wife to her son, and she takes the discovery as vindication. However, when Louise confronts Marcie in the kitchen about her behavior, Marcie comes clean about everything.

A tearful Marcie explains to her mother-in-law how Randal's affair with Alex ruined both marriages long before she and Brad were ever unfaithful. Heartbroken and angry, she turns to Randal—who still refuses to move out—and makes a vow: "Every night that you are still here, I will be out there with Brad on top of me."

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