Lushion Reveals His True Identity

Season 1 Episode 142
Aired on 05/24/2016 | CC tv-14
Esperanza tips Natalie off about her fiancé, Lushion, who was spotted in their new house with none other than the flirty 911 operator Claudia. In a rage, Natalie drives straight over to her soon-to-be home to confront them. When she gets there, Natalie nearly bite's Claudia's head off, demanding to know what is going on between the co-workers.

Suddenly, there's a knock at the door. It's Eddie, who has followed Claudia's car to the house, and he interrogates Lushion as to why he and Claudia are meeting in private. While both of the women hide in the back bedroom, Lushion denies that Claudia is in the house, leaving Eddie to assume the two are having an affair.

While keeping quiet in the back room, Natalie is confused when she sees Claudia brandish a weapon, and once Eddie is gone and the coast is clear, the women come back out into the living room. Claudia and Lushion agree that the situation at the precinct has become too dangerous for Claudia to stay, and she tells him she's going back to FBI headquarters.

Natalie, who is still completely in the dark, demands an explanation. Lushion tells her the truth: Claudia is an FBI agent who was brought in to investigate the corrupt local police department—and so is he.

"This is crazy," Natalie says in disbelief.

"Natalie, I would never lie to you," Lushion says.

Natalie struggles to wrap her head around this stunning revelation and asks why he didn't tell her sooner.

"The less you know, the better," Lushion says.

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