Lushion Asks Too Many Questions About Pete

Season 1 Episode 133
Aired on 03/22/2016 | CC tv-14
Lushion is at the crime scene where Pete was gunned down, and he's suspicious about how it could have happened. He confronts Steven Simmons from the precinct about the strange circumstances surrounding Pete's shooting: Why wasn't Pete wearing a vest? And why was he sent to patrol the dangerous south side on a bicycle when standard department practice is to do so in a squad car?

"I've been looking into the records of this department. A lot of rookies have died in the line of fire here," Lushion tells Steven.

Steven starts to bristle at Lushion's prying and asks why he's researching the department's casualties in the first place. Lushion replies that he hasn't researched anything; the evidence is on the department's memorial wall: 16 in five years.

"Well, let's just hope we don't have to add another one to that wall," Steven says.