Larry Makes an Evil Decision That Could Ruin Kelly

Season 3
Aired on 01/17/2018 | CC tv-14
Ian is in a tough spot. He agreed to be Kelly's lawyer and defend her against her stalker—but that was before he found out who was doing the harassing. Travis, along with his powerful family, is one of his law firm's biggest clients. Now that Kelly has shot Travis, Ian doesn't know what to do.

He approaches his partner, Larry, and fills him in on the predicament. Although Travis claimed that Kelly was stalking him, Ian has proof that it was the other way around. "He drove by her house 46 times, and that was in one day," Ian says. "And it gets worse. He hacked into her accounts, pretended to be her husband and misrepresented her on several loans."

Larry hardly bats at eye at Travis' horrid behavior. "Oh, these kids these days, boy, I tell you," he says.

He asks Ian whether the district attorney has this evidence.

"Not yet," Ian replies.

Larry, realizing he holds all the power, makes a decision that may just seal Kelly's fate. "Then we bury it."

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