Kelly and Ramsey Respond to a Gunshot at Brad and Alex's House

Season 1 Episode 134
Aired on 03/29/2016 | CC tv-14
Kelly and Ramsey rush over to Alex's house when Ramsey hears gunfire. Kelly cautiously knocks on the door, which is soon opened by a noticeably distressed Brad.

"Ramsey thinks that he heard a gunshot," Kelly says in a worried tone.

"Alex's parents were here, and they found out about the baby," Brad says. "Her mother shot at me."

At this point, Kelly puts the pieces together and realizes that Brad intentionally invited Alex's racist parents to see the baby, hoping they would make Alex's life hell. Brad never expected the danger to escalate as far as it did, though.

"You never should have brought her parents here," Kelly says. "This has gone way too far."

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