Kelly Is Confronted by Her Past

Season 2 Episode 216
Aired on 04/18/2016 | CC tv-14
Kelly is in hysterics after finding out that her son, Justice, has been picked up from his baseball game by Travis. While she nervously awaits news from the police, she gets a visit from the last person she wants to see. Miss Dianne, her ex-boyfriend's mother, knows her son took the fall for a crime that Kelly committed. He'll be getting out of prison soon and she wants to make sure he has a nice place to live—and Kelly's house will do just fine.

Kelly is in no mood to deal with Dianne's outrageous demands for a house key and tells Dianne she needs time to talk with her son. When Dianne offers to talk to Justice herself, Kelly loses her cool.

"Look at you," Dianne sneers. "You know what it feels like to not know where, or what, your son's doing."

"Yes I do," Kelly says. "More than you know."

Watch as Dianne preys on Kelly's heartache for her son to get exactly what she wants.

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