Did Kelly Just Accidentally Confess?

Season 3 Episode 315
Aired on 02/14/2018 | CC tv-14
Randal is handcuffed to a bench inside the police station following his fight with Brad. As luck would have it, Kelly is locked up in the jail cell directly in front of him. Not one to miss an opportunity for harassment, he begins to mercilessly taunt her about Travis' murder. Kelly is able to keep her cool—until he crosses the line and brings up Justice.

"And your poor son!" Randal says with mock concern. "Poor boy's gonna be an orphan. All alone in the world. All because his mama had a gun and she killed a man."

Kelly is starting to lose control. She jumps up and warns Randal to shut his mouth, which he promptly ignores. "Oh my gosh, that boy—you don't love him," Randal says. "You just love that gun."

"Yeah, I wish I had that gun right now so I could blow your brains out, same way I did Travis!" Kelly snaps.

Bingo. Randal has pushed the right button. "Oops," he says, laughing. "Look up, baby girl."

Kelly, confused, glances up and sees a camera pointed straight at her. "God, you just made it a whole lot easier for them to prosecute you," Randal sneers.

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