Julius Sets Out to Kill His Sister for His Father's Fortune

Season 1 Episode 140
Aired on 05/10/2016 | CC tv-14
Julius Jr. has been waiting for his terminally ill father to pass away so that he can collect a hefty inheritance. However, just before his father's death, he learned that Julius Sr. had had another child who was born to a mistress. Blindsided and enraged that his expected windfall might be compromised, Julius Jr. sought to hasten his father's demise by attempting to smother him to death, eliminating any last-minute changes of heart.

Thinking he killed his father before he could change the will, Julius attends the probate. To his surprise, Julius Sr. survived his son's murder attempt and recorded a video just before his death, in which he chastises his patricidal son and cuts him out of the will. The entire estate will go to Julius Sr.'s mistress and their daughter. Julius and his mother will get nothing.

The unhinged son, now intent on collecting what he believes is rightfully his, returns to the executor's office. "The only way that I'm going to get this money is if she dies of natural causes," Julius says, clearly plotting his half sister's untimely expiration in order to get his hands on the family fortune.

The executor sees the vindictive wheels turning in Julius' mind, but before he can reason with the young, bloodthirsty man, Julius stabs him through his hand, demanding to know the identity of his half sister. The executor screams for a doctor, but Julius won't let up until he knows where he can find her.

The executor calls Tilda, the heiress's mother, and finds out that her daughter, Claudia, is working at the police station as a 911 operator.

Claudia—who's already being targeted by Eddie and his cohort of corrupt cops—is now in even more danger.

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