Quan Ambushes Joey and Faun

Season 1 Episode 142
Aired on 05/24/2016 | CC tv-14
Natalie and Lushion are waiting for Joey to get home so the whole family can take a trip to see the new house. Lushion convinces Natalie—whose patience for her son is waning—to give him five more minutes to get home before they leave him behind.

Meanwhile, Joey is walking his girlfriend, Faun, to his house through the park. Even though Natalie hasn't yet accepted Faun as Joey's girlfriend, especially after all the trouble she's caused Natalie's family, Joey thinks that if Faun apologizes to his mom, Natalie will eventually come around.

As the young couple approaches Joey's home—which is located in a dangerous, crime-ridden part of town—they are ambushed in the dark. "Not so fast, homeboy," Quan says, emerging from the shadows holding a handgun.

Earlier in the day, Faun had given Joey one of her father's guns to carry as protection for escorting her around, since she regularly transports large sums of cash in her purse from the restaurant. Now, faced with imminent peril, Joey quickly pulls out his own pistol and begins to shoot. All three of them are shot and fall to the ground in the park. As they lie there bleeding, Quan's accomplice grabs the cash and flees the crime scene.

Natalie and Lushion hear the gunshots ring out and step outside only to see the grisly scene below. Lushion quickly takes off in pursuit of the man who escaped with the money as Natalie cries out in horror for her injured son, who is bleeding from a gunshot wound in his chest.

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