Is Kelly's Crush Seeing Another Woman?

Season 1 Episode 139
Aired on 05/03/2016 | CC tv-14
Kelly has it bad for the boy next door, and lately she's been finding any excuse to knock on Ramsey's door. As it so happens, Kelly is handling the paperwork on Natalie and Lushion's offer to buy Ramey's house, so she makes a quick stop at his home on her lunch break with business in mind—but has a hard time hiding her true feelings for her neighbor.

Ramsey is busy packing up the house that belonged to his late mother, so Kelly brightly offers to help out for about an hour. However, her warm fuzzies are extinguished when a mysterious and attractive woman emerges from the back of the house. The woman tells Ramsey she's found the documents he's been searching for and offers to put them on the bed for him before briefly acknowledging Kelly and then disappearing again into the recesses of the house.

Assuming the worst—that she's been played and Ramsey isn't her Mr. Right, after all—Kelly now looks for any excuse to leave. "You know what, I can see that you're busy," she tells him before all but running for the front door, embarrassed and heartbroken.

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