Esperanza Plays with Fire by Going After Claudia

Season 1 Episode 141
Aired on 05/17/2016 | CC tv-14
As Claudia's supervisor, Esperanza hasn't been happy with her new hire's performance as a 911 operator. So, walking in on Claudia giving Lushion a hug—and mistaking it for a kiss—is the last straw for Esperanza, and now she'll do anything in her power to get Claudia fired.

Esperanza angrily confronts her employee at work and gives her a piece of her mind. "What is going on? Are you sleeping with Lushion?" Esperanza asks.

Claudia denies the kiss, saying she hardly even knows Lushion, but Esperanza is only getting warmed up, saying, "Well, it doesn't seem to me that you're the kind of woman that would be deterred by that."

Esperanza continues to tear into Claudia until she ultimately threatens to have her fired. "I don't think this job is going to work out for you," she says. "I'm going to recommend that you be removed immediately."

Claudia is ready to fight fire with fire and tells Esperanza that if she tries to have her fired, Claudia will go to the labor board with complaints of her own. When an exasperated Esperanza wants to know what Claudia has to complain about, Claudia tells her that she's too "territorial" of Eddie and that, to the labor board, it's going to look like she's trying to have Claudia fired out of jealousy.

Esperanza isn't going to back down, though, and she makes it clear that she intends to proceed aggressively and expeditiously until Claudia has been sacked. Finally, looking like she's heard enough, Claudia issues a warning: "You go ahead and you try to get me fired if you want, okay? And you see what happens."

"Okay. Well, thank you for the okay, and I will do that," Esperanza says matter-of-factly.

Suddenly, Claudia's expression turns grave. "Be careful," she says.

"Girl, who do you think you are?" Esperanza says.

"You go that route and you'll find out, okay?" Claudia says before walking away.

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