Esperanza Goes After Claudia

Season 1 Episode 136
Aired on 04/12/2016 | CC tv-14
Claudia has been dropping the ball at work, wearing revealing outfits around the precinct and trying to get close to the male officers, and Esperanza won't tolerate it anymore. Esperanza starts looking into Claudia's background in search of a reason to fire her, and she learns something fishy when she calls Claudia's former employer: No one there has ever heard of Claudia.

Esperanza brings Claudia's file to Lushion, who is convinced that Esperanza is being unfair because she's jealous of the attention Eddie has been paying her new employee. Determined, Esperanza assures Lushion that there's something amiss.

"I spoke to the manager; they have no idea who she is," Esperanza tells him.

Lushion pushes back, suggesting that maybe Claudia told a little lie in order to get a chance. However, after Esperanza questions his motives—mentioning how Natalie witnessed Claudia attempt to give her number to Lushion—he finally relents.

"Give me her file; I'll run it for you," Lushion says.

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