Aiden Turner and Heather Hemmens

Just when it looks as though Marcie and Brad are going to get the ultimate revenge on their spouses by sleeping with each other, Brad stops short. He tells Marcie that neither of them wants to do this. At first, Marcie persists, but finally she agrees. Brad assures her that no matter what happens with Alex and Randal, he'll be there to support her as her friend, and the two jilted spouses share an embrace.
Amanda Clayton, Edwina Findley Dickerson and Eltony Williams

At home, Alex struggles to reach the phone as she presses a hand to her belly, seemingly in pain. She calls Kelly and asks her friend to drive her to the hospital—she's experiencing cramping. Kelly tells her to sit tight and runs over to get her friend. Randal is outside when the two leave the house, and he walks over to see what the trouble is, but Kelly pushes him away while directing Alex to the car.

"No!" she shouts at him, delivering a withering look.

Meanwhile, Lushion has come home from work to a concerned Natalie. She knows there's something going on with Eddie and Randal at the station. Lushion won't offer any details, saying only that he's handling it.

Natalie isn't satisfied with this answer. "I don't want anything to happen to you, Lushion," she says.

"It won't," he says.
Amanda Clayton, Aiden Turner and Debra Stipe

At the hospital, Dr. Raston has checked Alex and her unborn baby, and tells her everything is fine. However, the obstetrician is concerned that Alex hasn't been eating and seems stressed. Unwittingly, Dr. Raston subverts her own efforts to ease Alex’s anxiety when she reveals that she's called Brad and asked him to come in for her appointment.

"Lots of times husbands get so busy they don't help take care of the pregnancy," Dr. Raston explains sternly.

Brad seems fine when he arrives, and promises to help Alex eat more and stay calm. Dr. Raston is pleased—but then Brad asks whether they can perform a paternity test on the fetus. Confused, Dr. Raston says they can't.

"Can we determine race?" he asks. Alex, Kelly and Dr. Raston are all shocked by his question. The doctor asks whether he'd prefer to talk outside.

"No, he doesn't," Alex speaks up. "He wants to humiliate me."

She confesses to Dr. Raston that she had an affair. Dr. Raston is sympathetic and offers the card of her friend, a counselor, but Brad says that won't be necessary and leaves.

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Joel Rush and Aiden Turner

Brad returns to his office to find Eddie there with his feet up on the desk. Eddie gives Brad back his seat and tells him that they have a problem. He tells Brad about Randal's appearance at the police station with a lawyer in tow. Eddie says they need to get their stories straight for the record: The gun Brad fired at Randal was actually Randal's gun, and Randal was the one who tried to shoot Brad. To Eddie's surprise and relief, Brad agrees to the fabrication.

"You protect me; I protect you," Brad says. "What, do you think I'm going to protect that guy when he slept with my wife?"

Eddie says he likes the new Brad, and suggests they get a drink. Brad points out that Eddie is on duty.

Eddie laughs. "When has that ever stopped me?"

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April Parker Jones, Amanda Clayton and Edwina Findley Dickerson

Kelly has taken Alex home, and Esperanza and Natalie have stopped over to check on their friend and bring her something to eat. Alex isn't doing well—she still hasn't eaten and tells them about the conversation she had with Brad the night he learned about the affair. To their shock, she explains how she had revealed many of the details of her affair.

"Alex, men don't like to hear that," Natalie says.

Alex says that she couldn't lie to Brad. "He was looking right through me," she says, distressed.

Her friends assure her that everything will work out, and urge her to eat.
April Parker Jones, Marie Burke and William Stanford Davis

Later, at Burger Fast, Natalie talks to Mr. Kym and Faun. Faun explains that she told her father how Joey got back the money that was stolen from the restaurant. Mr. Kym says that he knows Joey is a good kid and that he can come back to work—as long as he doesn't close alone and doesn't talk to Faun.

Mr. Kym walks off, and Natalie turns to Faun, suspicious of her motives. She asks whether Faun is interested in Joey. Faun insists that they're just old friends and that she wants to help him out.

Later, Natalie has Joey come in to the restaurant to tell him the good news. At first, Joey balks, saying it doesn't feel right after what happened. However, Natalie insists, pointing out that he needs a job so he can save up money and move out of her apartment.
Chase Wainscott, Amanda Clayton and Ashlyn Areu

Alex is helping Peter and Paisley with their homework when Brad comes home. Alex tells them to go upstairs and get ready for dinner. After they're gone, Alex tries to make some headway with Brad but is soon shut down.

"Did you screw Randal today?" he asks as he opens a beer and takes a sip.

Alex has had enough of Brad's barbs. Although she loves him, she says, she can't take his mistreatment of her anymore, telling him it's not good for her or the baby.

"The baby," Brad says thoughtfully.

He then turns and looks significantly out the window at Randal's house, looks back at Alex and leaves the room.
Eltony Williams and Heather Hemmens

Marcie finally arrives home, where Randal has been drinking alone. He demands to know where she's been.

"Why?" she asks coyly. "Can you smell him? Can you smell him right here?" she prods, touching her neck.

Randal grows agitated as she starts telling him where "he" kissed her, and he storms upstairs. Seeing that her lie is getting to him, Marcie follows, extolling the talents of her new fictitious lover. In their bedroom, Randal sits on the bed, begging her to stop, but she goes on.

"Do you want to see my rug burn?" she says, pushing Randal over the edge. He grabs her and shoves her against the wall, screaming at her to stop. Finally Marcie delivers the coup de grâce: The man she slept with was Brad.

But Randal trumps her awful revelation with an even more hurtful admission. "Alex is having my baby," he whispers.

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