Eltony Williams and Heather Hemmens

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Marcie finally arrives home, where Randal has been drinking alone. He demands to know where she's been.

"Why?" she asks coyly. "Can you smell him? Can you smell him right here?" she prods, touching her neck.

Randal grows agitated as she starts telling him where "he" kissed her, and he storms upstairs. Seeing that her lie is getting to him, Marcie follows, extolling the talents of her new fictitious lover. In their bedroom, Randal sits on the bed, begging her to stop, but she goes on.

"Do you want to see my rug burn?" she says, pushing Randal over the edge. He grabs her and shoves her against the wall, screaming at her to stop. Finally Marcie delivers the coup de grâce: The man she slept with was Brad.

But Randal trumps her awful revelation with an even more hurtful admission. "Alex is having my baby," he whispers.

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