Amanda Clayton, Aiden Turner and Debra Stipe

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At the hospital, Dr. Raston has checked Alex and her unborn baby, and tells her everything is fine. However, the obstetrician is concerned that Alex hasn't been eating and seems stressed. Unwittingly, Dr. Raston subverts her own efforts to ease Alex’s anxiety when she reveals that she's called Brad and asked him to come in for her appointment.

"Lots of times husbands get so busy they don't help take care of the pregnancy," Dr. Raston explains sternly.

Brad seems fine when he arrives, and promises to help Alex eat more and stay calm. Dr. Raston is pleased—but then Brad asks whether they can perform a paternity test on the fetus. Confused, Dr. Raston says they can't.

"Can we determine race?" he asks. Alex, Kelly and Dr. Raston are all shocked by his question. The doctor asks whether he'd prefer to talk outside.

"No, he doesn't," Alex speaks up. "He wants to humiliate me."

She confesses to Dr. Raston that she had an affair. Dr. Raston is sympathetic and offers the card of her friend, a counselor, but Brad says that won't be necessary and leaves.

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