Heather Hemmens and Eltony Williams

As Alex tells Randal off in his backyard, Marcie approaches from behind. Alex turns, jolted by her surprise appearance. Marcie stares down her former friend before slapping Alex hard across the face. Hurt and shocked, Alex retreats back to her house.

Marcie then comments on Randal's boat being in splinters, their busted front door and the appearance of bullet holes in their fence. She laughs mirthlessly when Randal explains that Brad is responsible for all three, having tried to kill him. She goes inside, followed by Randal, and pulls out divorce papers, demanding that he sign. To Marcie's disappointment, Randal refuses.

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Malik Whitfield and April Parker Jones

The following morning, Lushion is having his coffee outside when Natalie comes out to join him. He hands her an envelope—his first check from the police department. Natalie is thrilled but suggests that they should still cut costs and avoid a second rent by having him move in. Lushion isn't sure and says that they don't get along well enough to live together. Natalie says that they could make it work and could even get a house with both of their incomes.

"I am so glad you got that job, Lushion," she says, not noticing the worried look that's settled on his face.

Alex is serving Peter and Paisley breakfast alone when Brad walks in. The children are full of questions, wondering where he's been and when he'll be back. Brad lies, telling them that a heavy workload has kept him away. He sees them off to the school bus and then comes back in to get a suit. Alex also has questions and asks how he is and where he is staying. Brad doesn't say a word and leaves with a change of clothes.
Ryan Haake and Joel Rush

At the police station, Esperanza walks up to Lushion's desk and asks why Randal is there with a well-known lawyer, speaking with the captain. Lushion, fully aware that Randal is probably filing a complaint against Eddie for nearly killing him in the woods, claims ignorance. When the closed-door meeting is brought to Eddie's attention by a fellow cop, he grows worried and tells Lushion that they need to talk immediately.

Lushion follows Eddie into the locker room and makes it clear that he has no sympathy for his rattled partner. "What did you think?" he says. "Some street thug on the corner? He has a legit job, and obviously he's not running from you."

Eddie tells Lushion that if the captain calls him in for questioning, he should say that he and Eddie had just taken Randal around the corner to calm him down. But Lushion says he won't lie for Eddie.

"They call me in that office, I'm telling them what happened," he says.

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Joel Rush

Later, Eddie tells Lushion that they're going out on patrol, but he drives straight to Randal and Marcie's house. He orders Lushion to wait out front while he breaks in through the back door. Gun in hand, he sneaks upstairs to Randal's desk and starts rifling through his files. He then goes to check the bedroom and spies Marcie through a crack in the bathroom door, taking a bath. With earbuds in and her eyes closed, she hasn't heard Eddie come in.

Meanwhile, Randal has arrived home. He asks what they're doing there, and Lushion only says vaguely that they were in the neighborhood. Randal asks Lushion to come forward about what happened, but Lushion tells him that he's working on something and to sit tight.

Suddenly, Randal realizes that Eddie isn't there. Suspecting the motive of the officers' visit, he runs inside. Seeing no one in the front room, he continues upstairs. However, Eddie, who saw Randal arrive, has hidden in a downstairs closet and now makes his exit. From upstairs, a furious Randal watches as Eddie exits his front door.
Eltony Williams and Heather Hemmens

In the kitchen, Randal is on the phone with his lawyer when Marcie descends, and he can't help but notice that she's dressed up in a short skirt and heels. When she sees that the divorce papers still aren't signed, she takes off her wedding ring and informs him that she's going out to commit adultery. She insults him by saying that he was the worst she's ever had, and tells him she's going out to find old ex-boyfriends who were amazing in bed. Randal tries not to let her game get to him, but jealousy slowly overtakes him and he snaps.

"You're not leaving this house looking like some two-bit whore," he says.

"What, you want me to dye my hair blond, hmm?" Marcie taunts. "You like me better then?"

Randal warns her not to let his mistake turn her into something she's not. Marcie scoffs at the word "mistake."

"Some mistakes cost you. This one's gonna," she says. And with that, she walks out the door.

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Heather Hemmens and Edwina Findley Dickerson

Down the block, Marcie pulls up in front of Kelly's house and tells her that they're going out to find some men. Instead, Kelly drags her inside. She tells her friend not to let her pain make her do something she doesn't want to do. Kelly says that Marcie can tell Randal whatever she wants, but in the meantime, she says, they should go talk and get some ice cream. Reluctantly, Marcie agrees.
April Parker Jones and Zulay Henao

Kelly has called Esperanza and Natalie to come support Marcie, and the women meet at Burger Fast, where Jackie brings them ice cream. Marcie is starting to feel better until Esperanza mentions that Randal was at the police station with a lawyer. Esperanza tells Natalie that Eddie pulled Lushion into the locker room afterward, and she suspects something untoward is going on. Rattled, Marcie tells her friends that she needs to go home and that she'll try to learn from Randal what his visit was about.

Instead, Marcie shows up to Brad's office, where he's been struggling to get work done. She asks how he is and admits that she's not doing well. Then, each learns that the other is filing for divorce. Marcie goes on to say that she would never have cheated on Randal—but she wants to have sex with Brad. Brad pauses for a moment and then agrees.

"When?" he asks.

Marcie walks over to his desk and pushes some papers out of the way. "Now," she answers.