Amanda Clayton and Eltony Williams

Randal struggles to get a gun out of Brad's hand as the two erstwhile friends brawl in Randal's backyard. Alex manages to push Randal off Brad, and one more shot goes off. Randal goes to check whether Alex is okay, but Brad intervenes, screaming at Randal to stay away from his wife. He then storms toward the front of the house, where a neighbor is calling the police. In the backyard, Alex tells Randal never to speak to her again.

On her cell phone, the neighbor is connected to Esperanza at the emergency response center. Esperanza calls in the report of shots fired to the police and leaves to check on her friends. On her way out, she calls Natalie and tells her to meet her at Brad and Alex's house.
Joel Rush, Amanda Clayton, Malik Whitfield and Aiden Turner

Eddie and Lushion pull up to Randal's address, where several other officers have already arrived. Eddie tells the officers to leave, explaining that he and Lushion will handle the situation.

They then head over to Brad and Alex's house, where Alex is sitting alone on the couch. Eddie finds Brad upstairs and, taking his gun back, asks whether he killed Randal. When Brad says no, Eddie tells him he'll handle it.

Alex comes upstairs with a bag of ice for Brad, followed by Lushion. Eddie admonishes Alex for causing this mess, but she won't hear it.

"You're the last person who should be telling me what I should be ashamed of," she says measuredly.

Eddie turns to Lushion and tells him to go check on Randal next door.
Eltony Williams, Joel Rush and Malik Whitfield

Randal is sitting at his kitchen counter when Lushion walks in. Randal tells Lushion everything that happened after he arrived home and found his door broken in. Lushion says he wants Randal to step outside so he can talk to his partner. Randal reluctantly agrees.

Outside, Eddie walks up to Randal and Lushion as Brad and Alex watch from their porch. He tosses Randal the gun, which is now clean, and asks whether it's his. Randal says no, but Eddie insists that it is and demands a permit. Despite Alex and Lushion's protests, Eddie arrests Randal and tosses him in the back of the squad car. Once they're gone, Brad walks back inside, slamming the door on Alex.
April Parker Jones, Amanda Clayton and Zulay Henao

Later, Esperanza and Natalie have arrived to check on Alex. Brad comes downstairs to have a drink. He asks whether they knew that Alex was sleeping with Randal. They reply in the negative.

"I guess I'm not the only fool, then," he says bitterly.

As Brad grows more agitated, Esperanza and Natalie try to calm him down and ask him to think of how any rash decisions would hurt Peter and Paisley, but he won't listen. He tells them to leave—and take Alex with them. Defiant, Alex refuses.

"I'm leaving," Brad says, and he storms out amid Alex's cries to stay.

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Malik Whitfield and Joel Rush

Meanwhile, along a remote, wooded road, Eddie pulls the squad car over onto the shoulder. He forces a handcuffed Randal out of the back seat and starts hitting him while Lushion protests.

Beaten to his knees, Randal still won't submit. "You better be glad I got these cuffs on," he says.

Rising to the challenge, Eddie uncuffs him, and Randal lands a few good hits before Eddie pulls his gun. But Lushion is right behind him, pointing his own weapon at his partner's head. He orders Eddie to drop the gun. Instead, Eddie turns and holds Lushion's gun to his own forehead.

"Go ahead! Do it!" he dares, seething. "I don't want to live anymore anyway."

While the two officers stand off, Lushion tells Randal to turn and run. Eddie breaks free and fires a few shots in Randal's direction, missing. Lushion throws Eddie against the squad car. He tells him that he's not afraid of Eddie's scare tactics. If Eddie doesn't straighten himself out, Lushion says he'll report him.

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Edwina Findley Dickerson

Marcie is showing a house to a young couple starting a family, and they venture out into the backyard. Seeing their happiness, her professional facade begins to crack. Thankfully, the couple goes back in to take another look at the nursery, and Marcie collapses into a patio chair, sobbing.

Home alone, Alex calls Kelly and tells her that she'll take the kids back. Kelly asks whether Alex is mad that she revealed the truth to Marcie, but Alex says no.

"I tried so hard to end this, but I wasn't strong enough," she says. "As bad as this is, this is what it took to finally end it."

Kelly tries to comfort her friend, but she gets another call. It's Marcie, who is having a breakdown in the backyard of the house she's showing. Kelly says she'll come get her and asks where Marcie is.

Marcie attempts to compose herself as her clients come back out to talk about an offer, but they see that something is wrong. Marcie confesses that she's received some bad news, but she assures them that she'll make the offer and call them when she hears back, and the couple leaves.

As soon as they're gone, Marcie lets out a scream and begins hyperventilating. Fortunately, Kelly arrives and holds her friend, telling her to breathe. Kelly assures her that it will get better, even if Marcie doesn't believe it will.

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Eltony Williams

That night, Randal repairs his door and goes out back to start picking up the wreckage of his boat. When he sees Alex's light on, he calls her cell and leaves a voice mail asking whether she's okay. He then calls the house phone, which Alex picks up. As soon as she hears Randal's voice, she slams the phone down and stalks out into Randal's yard.

"Don't you dare ever dial my number again," she snarls. "I never want to speak to you again."

Suddenly, Marcie is behind Alex in the dark yard. Surprised, Alex turns as Marcie advances.