Joel Rush and Malik Whitfield

Eddie is still fuming after his encounter with Randal, and Lushion does his best to calm his partner down. Eddie is still seeing red, though, only wanting to kill the man who betrayed Brad. He tells Lushion to sneak around the back of Randal's house while he takes the front, and they'll take Randal out.

Lushion refuses and says he won't let Eddie harm Randal either, which infuriates his partner.

"You just made the biggest mistake of your life," Eddie says, and he leaves.

Natalie walks over and asks Lushion what happened, but he won't say. He tells her to call him when she's ready to come home so he can come pick her up.
Edwina Findley Dickerson, April Parker Jones and Zulay Henao

Brad has stormed out of the house, and only Kelly, Natalie and Esperanza remain to comfort their friend Alex. Kelly struggles to be supportive and voices some judgments about Alex's affair. In the end, though, she says she has Alex's back.

As the friends hash things out, it comes to light that Kelly was the one who hinted to Marcie about the identity of "Peppa." Esperanza and Natalie are quick to chastise her for it, but Alex says she isn't mad—she accepts responsibility for everything that happened.

Her friends offer to spend the night, but Alex declines. She needs to talk with Brad. With that, the women leave.

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Edwina Findley Dickerson and Denzel Wells

Esperanza offers to give Natalie a ride, and as the women say good night to Kelly, Travis appears. Seemingly oblivious to Kelly's previous fury toward him, he tells her that he needs her in his life. What's more, he's broken things off with his fiancée.

Kelly stands her ground. She tells Travis that she can't be friends with him because she's still in love with him. It hurts too much to be around him, she says. Travis still won't listen, though.

"Then you're going to force me to be someone that I don't want to be around you," Kelly says. "There's a bitch that lives in me that I have to pray for. Don't make her come out to play."

With that, she walks to her house, leaving Travis outside.
Aiden Turner

Meanwhile, Eddie has found Brad drinking alone at their kids' baseball diamond. He comforts his friend, saying he never saw this coming from Alex. Brad is devastated, and Eddie says he gets it, falling into a reverie.

"You just want to grab their ass by the back of their head, drag them up the staircase and just tie them to the bedposts and lace that whole thing in gasoline and set that whole house on fire and just watch it burn. I've been there, man."

"Well, maybe not that dark," Brad says quietly, shaking Eddie out of it.

Brad goes on to wonder how he didn't see that Alex was cheating. As Brad grows more upset, Eddie offers to take out Randal. Brad says no; he wants to do it himself. He asks his friend for a gun. Eddie readily obeys, saying there's no serial number on the weapon, and Brad heads off.
Matt Cook and Dawan Owens

Joey is sitting at home when someone knocks on the door. It's Faun, his old friend and the daughter of his boss. She wants to see how he's doing in the wake of the Burger Fast burglary. They step outside to talk, and the conversation quickly turns flirtatious, with Faun asking whether Joey would like to hang out sometime.

The mood is quickly dashed, however, when Quan walks up with some of his thugs and starts harassing Faun. Joey tells Faun to leave, and she rushes to her car.

Quan wants to know why Joey took his money, and Joey maintains that he believes Quan was behind the robbery. As the tension rises, Lushion pulls up and tells Joey to go inside.

"Yeah, Joey, listen to the warden. Go inside," Quan says. "You know, Joey, our time is coming."

"Yeah, I'm looking forward to it," Joey says, locking eyes with his erstwhile friend.

Quan leaves, and Lushion urges Joey to let it go, but Joey says Quan never will.

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Aiden Turner and Amanda Clayton

Brad has returned home and is packing his things in furious silence. Alex begs him to talk, and when he heads for the door, she sprints ahead, blocking his exit. Finally, Brad breaks down and asks why she did it. His wife has no answers for him, though; she can only say she's sorry.

Brad asks her to prove it, pulling out the gun Eddie gave him. He tells her to go next door and kill Randal. When she refuses, he says he'll ask her questions instead. He begins asking whether Alex loves Randal and when and where they were together, continuing to ever more degrading questions about their affair.

Finally, he asks whether Alex's baby is his. She says no—she kept a calendar of her encounters with Randal and Brad, and the dates don't match up. Brad makes Alex go get the planner and discovers that trysts with Randal were marked "AAA," while his lovemaking sessions were labeled "DF."

"If Peter and Paisley got these kind of grades in school, what would you do?" he asks emotionally. "What would you do?"

"I would try and teach them to do better," Alex says.

"You wouldn't just swap them out and get some new kids that were exceptional?" he says.

Alex breaks, saying she gets his point. Brad responds that she doesn't but that he'll show her. With that, he storms out the front door, gun in hand. Panicking, Alex races after him.

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