Edwina Findley Dickerson and Heather Hemmens

Marcie is melting down in Kelly's living room, sobbing that Randal is cheating on her with someone named Peppa. Kelly gives Alex a significant look at the mention of the name. The women convince Marcie to confront Randal, and she leaves with Esperanza and Natalie.

Kelly immediately rounds on Alex, citing the bumper sticker on her car with the acronym PEPPA, something from Alex's college days. When Alex denies the affair, Kelly demands to see her phone. Alex finally breaks down and hands over her cell.

Disappointment and disgust flood Kelly's face as she reads the texts, and she gives Alex an ultimatum: Either Alex can tell Brad and Marcie about the affair, or Kelly will.

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Eltony Williams and Heather Hemmens

Lushion and Ed are responding to a call while on duty. As they drive, Lushion tries to connect with Ed over their mutual past in the military, but Ed remains standoffish with his new partner. Lushion can see that Ed still carries around demons from his time in the service and tries to convince him to talk to a therapist.

"I don't need to talk to anybody about a damn thing," Ed says.

At Randal and Marcie's house, Marcie is drinking wine in the kitchen when Randal comes home with flowers. As he sneaks up behind her, she begins reading from a piece of paper—printouts of his texts with "Peppa." Randal goes on the offensive, chastising Marcie for going through his private conversations, but Marcie isn't having it. She starts screaming at Randal, demanding to know who Peppa is. Shaken, Randal escapes to the bathroom and locks himself in.

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Matt Cook and Dawan Owens

Later, Lushion comes home to find Joey on the couch and Frank doing his homework. Once again, Lushion tries to engage with Joey, asking whether Joey wants to come to the park with him and Joey's siblings. Joey says no and stands to leave, but he thinks twice and turns back to Lushion, saying that he knows he's only trying to help.

As Joey exits, Natalie comes out of her bedroom, ready to go to work. She's still angry with Joey, believing that he robbed Burger Fast, but Lushion isn't so sure.

"You don't like being wrong," Lushion says, "but it's okay. I love you, and I know you love me."

Touched, Natalie smiles and leaves for work. As soon as she's gone, Joey slips out to find Quan.

When he spots him playing basketball, he approaches his old friend and accuses him of being involved in the robbery. Quan denies it, and it doesn't take long for the confrontation to escalate to violence. Joey quickly bests Quan, knocking him out cold. Afterward, Joey stoops over Quan's motionless body, relieves him of a large wad of cash and makes his exit.

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Joel Rush and Aiden Turner

Before a youth baseball game, Ed meets with a group of mysterious men at the field to discuss retaliation on Julius. Brad pulls up and joins the group, confused. Ed asks the men to leave and thanks them for their help.

Turning to Brad, Ed asks why he's there so early for their kids' game. Brad says he drove by Ed's house to drop off a grill and saw the bullet holes riddling his house. Ed finally comes clean and explains what happened and how Julius is connected with the cartel. Ed tells Brad that he can't let the matter drop, even though that's exactly what Julius Sr. said he expected of him.

Brad is unsettled. "Sounds to me like you're digging your own grave, and you're just waiting for them to push you in it," he warns.

Nevertheless, Eddie won't be swayed, and he ends the discussion by saying that they need to get ready for the kids' game.
Edwina Findley Dickerson and Denzel Wells

Kelly arrives home to find Travis on her front porch with flowers. He says he thinks they should tell Justice that he's not his father. Kelly agrees but clearly doesn't want to continue the conversation.

"You really want me to leave you alone," Travis says quietly.

"Ding, ding, ding! You got it!" Kelly cries. "Congratulations, that's the right answer."

"You don't have to insult me," Travis mutters, hurt.

"Oh my God! Well, I can't shoot you legally," Kelly says.

Travis turns to leave and says that he never meant to hurt Kelly. Kelly says nothing and lets him go.

At Burger Fast, Mr. Kym's daughter, Fawn, is apologizing to Natalie for the trouble at the restaurant. Fawn says she doesn't think Joey had anything to do with the robbery. Suddenly, Joey bursts in with a fistful of cash, holding it out to Natalie. Natalie is dismayed when he explains where he got it, saying they're all in danger of retaliation from Quan. When Natalie and Fawn refuse to take the money, Joey shoves it in the cash register and leaves.
Heather Hemmens and Eltony Williams

Back at Kelly's place, Marcie is unloading about what happened with Randal after she confronted him about "Peppa."

"It's a nickname; I'm positive," she says. "What kind of ghetto ass names their kid Peppa? Nobody."

Kelly laughs and takes a sip of wine but says nothing. Marcie asks what's wrong; she can tell that Kelly is holding back. She begs Kelly for information, but Kelly won't directly out Alex. Instead, she gives Marcie a hint: Look closely.

On the way home, Marcie takes her time, looking at every detail of the block—when she lays eyes on Alex's bumper sticker. She sprints into her house and physically attacks Randal, screaming that she'll hurt Alex. After a struggle, Randal restrains his sobbing wife, and the two sink to the ground.

"How could you do this to me?" she asks tearfully.