Heather Hemmens and Eltony Williams

Marcie takes a break from gathering laundry around the house to speak with Randal in his office. After her talk with Kelly, she's ready to confront him about his recent behavior toward her. Unfortunately for Marcie, Randal denies that he's been distant, and plays the "crazy woman" card, which sets Marcie off.

Getting nowhere with Randal, Marcie takes the laundry downstairs. As she sorts the towels and clothing, she notices something about Randal's shirt and lifts it to her nose.

Next door, Brad brings Alex breakfast in bed only to find that she is already up. Alex says she's too busy to stop and eat; she has errands to run before her doctor's appointment. Brad insists that she at least lift the plate on the breakfast tray. Underneath is her pressed corsage from prom, which has special significance to Alex because it was that night that she lost her virginity to Brad, who had come over for the dance. Brad tells her that the kids found the corsage in the attic the other day. The memories come rushing back for Alex, and overcome by emotion, she bursts into tears.
Amanda Clayton and Heather Hemmens

After getting ahold of herself, Alex leaves to start her day. Marcie intercepts her outside and asks that Alex give her a hug. Confused, Alex complies, and Marcie explains that she thinks she can smell Alex's perfume on Randal's shirt, a perfume that Marcie gave her as a gift. Marcie asks whether Alex has hugged him lately, and Alex admits that she probably has.

"I was hoping that this was your perfume so that my mind wouldn't wander and I could just let it go," Marcie says, growing more unsettled.

Alex tells Marcie to calm down and that the rare perfume has to be hers. Reassured, Marcie agrees and the two women part ways.

Meanwhile, Randal has been watching the entire exchange from his upstairs window. Alex calls him from her car and explains what happened. Extremely upset, she insists on ending their affair. This time, Randal doesn't put up a fight.

"I'm tired of this," he says coldly. "You have a meltdown every week."

Alex is infuriated and tells him their relationship is over for good. "Don't call me! Don't text me! Don't talk to me!"

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Edwina Findley Dickerson, Maia Osman and Denzel Wells

Travis pulls up to Kelly's house as she arrives home from work. He still wants to talk, but Kelly isn't interested in soothing his conscience. Her irritation goes through the roof, however, when she sees that Travis has brought Kalista, hoping for some kind of resolution.

"What is it with you, Travis?" Kelly demands. "It's like everything is like, what, coming up roses, Leave It to Beaver, like everything's just got a silver lining on it? This is not cool, okay? Do not freaking bring her to my house!"

Kelly tells them to leave, but Travis follows her inside. Kelly continues to berate Travis for his lapse in judgment. Travis insists that he still loves her, but Kelly won't hear it.

As they argue, Justice arrives home from school and is elated to see the man he thinks is his father. Kelly tells him that Travis can't stay, but Travis countermands Kelly and asks Kalista to take the car and pick him up in about an hour. Justice leads Travis around their new house, with Kelly fuming but silent. Eventually she pulls Travis away to let him have it out of earshot of Justice, but her ex isn't getting the message and refuses to leave.

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Tiffany Haddish and Matt Cook

Alex receives some stunning news at her ob-gyn appointment: She's not six weeks pregnant as she had thought; she's 14 weeks. Shaken, she asks the doctor to double-check, but the physician says she's sure.

At Burger Fast, Jackie is finishing up work for the day when she gets a call from Natalie, who is worried about Joey closing the restaurant. Jackie passes the phone to Joey, who gets an earful from his mother about all his responsibilities that night. Exasperated, Joey insists that he knows what he's doing. Jackie takes her phone back and reassures Natalie that he'll be fine, and leaves for the night.

Back at Alex's house, she is looking through her planner trying to pinpoint when she got pregnant. Brad walks in, and Alex asks innocently when he went on that three-week business trip, claiming she needs to know for tax purposes. Brad recalls that the trip was three or four months before.
Joel Rush, Tony Perez and gangsters

Eddie bursts into Esperanza's house, demanding to know what's wrong with Mika, but when he comes face-to-face with a daunting number of the Escada cartel, he quickly raises his gun. The gangsters had forced Esperanza to call Eddie and lie about their daughter, though Esperanza tearfully insists that she secretly tried to warn him in an email.

Julius' father, Julius Sr., convinces Eddie to lower his gun. If he had wanted Eddie dead, he says, he would be already. Instead, Julius Sr. wants peace. He recognizes that Eddie is protected by the badge he wears, and fears that the death of a cop would bring much unwanted attention to his operation. He calls his son forward and commands the two men to apologize to each other. When they have, he calls the matter finished.

As Julius Sr. and his goons file out, Julius Jr. stays behind. He tells Eddie that his father is old and sick and that one day soon he'll inherit the cartel.

"When he dies, you will too," Julius whispers.

"Not if you're dead first," Eddie says.

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Matt Cook and Dawan Owens

Joey is closing up Burger Fast for the night when his friend Quan knocks on the door. He wants to take Joey to a party, but Joey declines; he's got to keep a low profile with his mother on his back. Quan says that's okay, but he asks whether his friend could at least give him a ride home so they can catch up. Joey agrees and locks up—but he forgets to set the alarm.

As Joey goes to get in Quan's car, Lushion pulls up and informs him that he's his ride for the night. Reluctantly, Joey tells his friend that he'll see him later.

"They're watching you like it's prison, dawg!" Quan says.

"No, man, in prison I wasn't watched this hard," Joey says.

In the car, Lushion tries to connect with Joey, but Joey continues to be standoffish. Joey finally concedes that he'll be civil with Lushion for his mother's sake, but he declares that the two men will never be friends.

Back at Burger Fast, two masked figures break in through the front door and punch in the code to the office—where the safe is located.