Aiden Turner and Amanda Clayton

In the aftermath of the shooting, Eddie talks to his captain from the police department outside his home. While Eddie attempts to give a detailed account of the attack, his wife, Yolanda, stands nearby flinging out accusations that Esperanza is behind the shootings. Eddie tries to calm her down, but Yolanda is hysterical, screaming that Esperanza wants them dead. Eddie's captain inquires into her suspicions, but Eddie assures him that Esperanza isn't involved.

The following morning, Alex wakes up to find that Brad has let her sleep in. The kids are safely off to school, and he says he'll take care of the shopping and dry-cleaning. Reluctant to take a break but in need of rest, Alex thanks her husband and climbs back into bed.

On his way out to work, Brad stops by Marcie and Randal's house to invite them over for a couples game night. Randal is hesitant, but Marcie convinces him that they need a night of fun with their friends.
April Parker Jones, Marie L. Burke and Tiffany Haddish

At Burger Fast, Natalie calls Esperanza to ask whether she put in a good word for Lushion at the police station. Esperanza says she did but that Eddie had been fighting her on it. Natalie is confused because Lushion has an interview with the captain at Eddie's behest. Esperanza doesn't know what to make of it either.

Natalie cuts the call short when her boss walks in. The two talk shop until Jackie, Natalie's co-worker and good friend, lets drop that Natalie's son Joey needs a job. Natalie is furious and says Joey can find his own job, but their boss seems interested in rehiring Joey, who had worked at Burger Fast one summer. She recalls that he was an excellent employee. Natalie says she'll think about it.
Denzel Wells and Edwina Findley Dickerson

Kelly is quietly crying at her desk when a co-worker walks up with a guest. It's Travis, still looking to make amends. Kelly gets up to walk away, but Travis follows her outside. He tells Kelly that he wants her to understand.

"I understand that I was stupid," she says. "I was stupid because I thought you loved me. I thought that I was building a home for us."

Travis tells Kelly that he didn't want this to happen, but Kelly is through with excuses. She tells him that she never wants to see him again and storms back into the bank.
Octavio Pizano

At the police station, Eddie is scouring Julius' file when he notices something odd. He calls another officer over to take a look, and the colleague tells him that the file looks clean because it has been flagged by the FBI. The officer points out Julius' last name, Escada, and suggests he's probably related to the Colombian cartel's kingpin.

Eddie takes a break when Lushion walks in for his interview. Before he goes to sit down with the captain, Eddie tells him that he made the reference for a specific purpose: He needs a "brother" as a partner. Lushion is clearly insulted but decides to brush off the comment.

As Lushion talks with the captain, Eddie notices that Julius has snuck in and is watching him from the hallway. Eddie strides over and physically escorts his rival farther down the hall. When Eddie asks whether he shot up his house, Julius denies it, but he tells Eddie that he made enemies with the wrong people.

"You brought hell to your house, to your front door, to your wife," he says quietly. "When I'm done having fun with you, when I feel that we're even, you will die."

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Heather Hemmens, Eltony Williams, Amanda Clayton and Aiden Turner

Joey is bringing his little siblings home from school when Quan, an old friend, walks up to welcome him home. Quan insists that the two have a party to celebrate, but Joey tells him he can't do that anymore. After several firm rejections, Quan finally takes the hint and leaves.

That evening, Brad, Alex, Marcie and Randal are gathered in Brad and Alex's living room, playing a game that Randal brought over. To Alex's chagrin, Marcie and Randal have been exhibiting some very public displays of affection, and the game itself sets her even more on edge. It's a game of truth that Randal's psychologist colleague made for couples in need of a relationship jolt. Alex refuses to play when it's her turn and Brad reads off a game card: "If you were attracted to someone else, would you tell your spouse?"

Marcie pushes her to be a sport, pointing out that she and Randal were honest about their sex life, but she only succeeds in making Alex snap.

"If your sex life is that amazing, why is it that you feel the need to announce it to everyone?" she says through a clenched smile. "And do it on the counter in the middle of the day with the blinds wide open!"

With that, Alex tells the group that she's not feeling well and goes up to bed, leaving Brad to apologize to his friends.

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Edwina Findley Dickerson and Jasmine Guy

Kelly drives over to Travis' parents' house to drop off his things. Travis isn't home, but Mattaline is there. Kelly confronts her about driving them apart and bringing Kalista into the equation, which Mattaline doesn't deny. She tells Kelly that she doesn't think she's right for her son. Hurt, Kelly asks whether it's because she's from the wrong part of town, or that she has a son, or even that her skin is a little too dark.

Mattaline is offended. "Why would you go there?" she asks. "You just pointed out to me the very things that you have issues with yourself."

She says that she only cares about her son and the fact that he dropped out of school and gave up on his life when he fell in love with Kelly. She goes on to say that her son is too young and immature to be with Kelly and that, one day, Kelly will see that Mattaline saved her a lot of grief. She explains that marrying a young man who is so unsure of himself will only result in deceit, infidelity and pain.

"I thank you," Kelly says. "Thank you for pointing out the issues that you have with yourself."

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Joel Rush, Zulay Henao and Octavio Pizano

Late that night, Eddie arrives at Esperanza's home looking for answers about Julius. He tells her what happened at his house and demands to know where they met and where he can find him. Esperanza refuses, saying she won't let Eddie find Julius only to retaliate.

As they argue, Julius pulls up, gets out of the car and walks toward them. Esperanza tries to make peace, but Eddie pushes her aside as Julius lands the first punch. The two fight on the front lawn with Esperanza screaming for them to stop.