Edwina Findley Dickerson and Heather Hemmens

Having waited up all night for Travis, Kelly is woken on the couch by her son, Justice, who's getting ready to leave for school. Flustered, Kelly follows him outside to say goodbye.

As the bus pulls away, Randal and Marcie stop to say hello. Randal decides to run a bit more, and Marcie stays and invites Kelly to a birthday party for Randal. However, she has one request: "Just don't bring that Esperanza girl."

Seeing that Kelly is confused, Marcie explains that she doesn't like the way Esperanza dresses around Randal. Kelly assures Marcie that Esperanza is harmless.
Eltony Williams and Heather Hemmens

Inside his kitchen, Randal is staring out the window at Alex washing dishes in her kitchen next door. When Marcie comes in, he pulls her in front of the window and starts kissing her neck—in full view of Alex. Dumbfounded, Alex watches as her neighbors get more intimate until Brad walks in for his morning coffee.

"What the hell?" Brad mutters after he looks out the window and spies Randal and Marcie making love on their countertop across the way. Irritated, Brad says he'll have to have a word with Randal.

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Matt Cook and April Parker Jones

Joey finally arrives at Natalie's apartment, home at last. However, his welcome is cold. Mother and son make awkward small talk until Natalie comes to the point.

"If you ever do anything like that again, you won't need jail because I'm going to beat the piss out of you," she says.

Joey apologizes, but Natalie says she wants him to prove it by doing right by her and their family. She orders him to get a job, something at night so he can watch his sisters during the day. Softening, she tells her son that she missed him, and leaves for work with Joey staying behind to babysit his siblings.
Amanda Clayton and Heather Hemmens

While driving in his squad car, Eddie talks to Brad over the phone about Esperanza's late-night visit. Brad expresses concern about Esperanza's claim that her boyfriend, Julius, was out for revenge, and he encourages his friend to check it out.

Eddie changes the subject and asks Brad what he knows about Lushion. Brad says he was an Army Ranger and a police officer, and tells Eddie that he seems like a good guy. When Brad asks Eddie why he wants to know, Eddie tells him to forget about it.

Back at Alex and Brad's house, Marcie visits Alex with a surprise gift for Brad, whose birthday is also coming up. In the kitchen, Marcie notices that the blinds above the sink are down.

"You never close those," she says. "You saw us?"

Alex plays dumb, but Marcie doesn't buy it and apologizes.

"I don't know what got into Randal this morning. He was all over me!" she says, setting Alex on edge. Marcie goes on to share that Randal had called her Peppa during their lovemaking—a pet name he had always used with Alex. Finally, Alex snaps, telling Marcie that their conversation is becoming inappropriate.

Alex immediately regrets her reaction, however, and tells her neighbor that she's just cranky and needs to go lie down. Marcie sheepishly retreats, leaving Brad's gift.
Denzel Wells

At work, Kelly calls up Travis to find out why he stood her up the night before. Travis apologizes and blames his parents for keeping him away, but Kelly isn't interested in excuses. He asks to see her that night to explain what's been happening. Kelly acquiesces and adds that Justice will be glad to see him, but Travis requests that it be just the two of them.

"I want to ask you what I wanted to ask you," he says, which brings a small smile to Kelly's face.

Kelly agrees and says she'll send Justice to the neighbor's house.
Joel Rush and Zulay Henao

Eddie stops by Esperanza's house to talk. Again, Esperanza warns him that Julius is connected to a powerful crime cartel, but Eddie doesn't believe it. Julius' file is clean.

"Then I guess you can go now," Esperanza says, relieved. Eddie, however, isn't ready to go. Unbuttoning his shirt, he walks to the bedroom with Esperanza following him and asking him to leave.

"Tell me that you wouldn't have told me this guy is coming for me if you still didn't love me," he says. Esperanza denies it and says she only wanted to protect the father of her child.

Eddie grows emotional, apologizing for his treatment of Esperanza and asking to make amends. Esperanza says there's only one way he can make it up to her: by leaving her alone.

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Denzel Wells and Edwina Findley Dickerson

Lushion stops by Natalie's apartment with some money to take care of Frank and mentions that Eddie called him. He tells her how he saved Eddie from getting shot by a local kid and that now he has a job interview at the station. Lushion suspects that Natalie put in a good word for him, but Natalie denies it.

Across town, Kelly is giving Travis a tour of the new house. He tells an overjoyed Kelly that he loves her and thinks about her every day.

"I want to spend the rest of my life with you," he says, pausing as Kelly beams, "as your friend."

"What?" Kelly says quietly.

Travis tells her that he met a woman named Kalista on his mission and that they're getting married. Travis begs to still be friends, but Kelly won't have it and tells him to get out.

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Later that night, Eddie walks out of his house to take out the trash when a car slowly drives by and opens fire. Eddie drops to the ground, and bullets strafe his home. As the car speeds away, Eddie calls it in.

"Shots fired at my house!"