Eltony Williams and Amanda Clayton

Randal waits on his porch for Brad to leave for work one morning, and jumps out to say hello as soon as Brad is out the door.

"You know I've been calling you," Randal prods jovially.

"It's tax season, man," Brad says as he gets into his car. As soon as his neighbor is gone, Randal slips into Brad and Alex's backyard, where Alex is picking up her children's toys.

Alex isn't happy to see him, but Randal just wants to know why he hasn't heard from either of them—and why Alex hasn't confronted Brad about his vasectomy. Frustrated, Alex says that they haven't discussed the pregnancy since Randal learned the truth.

Seeing that Alex is upset, Randal tries to comfort her, pulling her in for a kiss. Alex panics, pushes Randal off and orders him to leave.
Hajji Golightly and April Parker Jones

At Natalie's home, a parole officer named Hardy is touring the apartment to make sure it's an adequate space for Natalie's son Joey, who is serving time in prison and hoping to make parole. While they discuss the details of Joey's release, Esperanza knocks on the door, and Natalie asks her to wait in the other room while she finishes up her meeting. Hardy and Natalie continue their conversation, and he assures her that if Joey starts to act up, he'd be happy to come out and help him get back on the right path, adding that Natalie seems young to be his mother.

"I'm not a stereotype," Natalie says, construing his comment as an insult. "I look like a lot of typical chicks in this neighborhood, but I have never taken on a day of welfare."

"I wasn't thinking that you were a stereotype," Hardy says. "I was thinking that you should be applauded that you manage to handle all this alone."

Gratified by this, Natalie sits down to finish the rest of their meeting.
April Parker Jones and Zulay Henao

Brad is surrounded by paperwork in his office when Randal stops by to talk. Brad says he's busy with tax season work, but Randal says he just wants to make sure that Brad's okay after their odd exchange about strange men at Brad's house. Brad comes clean to his friend and explains that Alex is pregnant, unaware that Randal already knows. He explains that he had suspected Alex of cheating on him until his doctor told him that it's possible for a vasectomy to fail.

"I feel so bad that I doubted her," Brad says. Randal only offers helpful advice and tells Brad that Alex would never be unfaithful.

Back at Natalie's apartment, Hardy leaves, and Esperanza and Natalie sit down to talk. Esperanza tells her about how Eddie shot Julius, and explains that Julius is out for revenge.

Natalie immediately starts scolding Esperanza for the men she allows into her life. Exasperated, Esperanza gets up to leave, but Natalie stops her.

"You really think this guy is going to retaliate on Edward?" she asks.

Esperanza says she does—and she confesses that she suspects he's involved in a Colombian cartel. Alarmed, Natalie tells Esperanza that she has to warn Eddie immediately.

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Ashlyn Areu, Chase Wainscott and Amanda Clayton

At Alex and Brad's house, Alex is helping her kids with their homework when she gets a text from Randal, who's watching from his house. After several unanswered texts, Randal calls Alex out on not answering her phone. In response, Alex closes the blinds. Finally, Randal plays his best hand: He texts Alex that he went to see Brad and follows up with a phone call.

Furious, Alex goes to the laundry room to take the call, and demands to know why Randal visited her husband.

"We're friends," Randal explains coolly.

"Yeah," Alex says, "you're the friend who's screwing his wife."

Randal tries to convince Alex to meet, and he confesses his love for her, but Alex won't hear of it. As the conversation gets more emotional, Brad bursts in on Alex, who thinks quickly and feigns that she's speaking with Marcie. Alex hastily says that she has to go.

"Don't you hang up this phone on me," Randal says. "I mean it!"

Alex does hang up, though, and turns to see that Brad has brought her flowers. He apologizes for his behavior and explains about the vasectomy. Alex accepts his apology, and the two share a kiss.

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Jasmine Guy

Next door at Kelly's new house, her son, Justice, shows her a "Welcome Home" sign he made for Travis. He asks where his father is, and Kelly says she doesn't know but that he'll be home soon.

After she sends Justice back to his room to finish his homework, Kelly calls Travis' house and asks for his mother, Mattaline. Mattaline is welcoming people into her home when she takes the call, clearly unhappy to hear from Kelly. Kelly asks whether she knows where Travis is, and Mattaline says she does; he's home. Shocked, Kelly asks to speak with him, but Mattaline says he's busy. Kelly says to let Travis know that she'll be stopping by with Justice.

Mattaline is quick to reject the idea. "We have some visitors here welcoming him home," she says.

"So you're having a welcome-home party, and we're not invited?" Kelly asks incredulously.

Mattaline explains that it's just family, but Kelly points out that Travis' son wasn't asked to attend.

"Well, we both know that your son is not his child," Mattaline says.

When Kelly asks what this is really about, Mattaline makes an excuse and hangs up.

Upset, Kelly calls Alex and asks whether she could watch Justice while Kelly runs an errand.

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Zulay Henao and Octavio Pizano

At Esperanza's house, Julius pulls up as she and Mika are coming home for the day. Esperanza rushes Mika in the door and comes back out to talk with Julius.

"So that's your daughter, huh?" he asks. "Does she know she's going to be fatherless?"

Immediately upset, Esperanza begs Julius to give up his revenge plot, not just for Eddie's sake, but because he would be tangling with the entire police department.

"You really don't know who I am, do you?" he asks angrily. "Julius Escada. My father is Julio Escada. Ring a bell? Cartel de Medellín, Colombia? I know you've heard of him."

Esperanza panics now, pleading with Julius. Julius says he doesn't like to see her begging for Eddie's life, walks back to his car and drives away.
Edwina Findley Dickerson and Denzel Wells

At Mattaline's house, Kelly pulls up and asks the housekeeper to see Travis. Instead, Mattaline comes out with Kalista, the girl who worked with Travis down in Haiti, and introduces her to a confused Kelly. Mattaline explains that Travis is "not available." While Kelly stands thunderstruck, Travis comes out and tells his mother to go back inside.

"What is going on?" Kelly demands.

Travis says he'll explain everything later and convinces Kelly to wait for him at home.

Later that night, Esperanza visits Eddie's house—and Eddie's very angry wife, Yolanda—to warn him about Julius. Eddie convinces Yolanda to go back inside, and Esperanza goes on to explain who Julius is and that he's coming to kill him. Eddie doesn't believe a word of it and sends Esperanza home.

Later that night, an upset Kelly waits up for Travis to call and finally falls asleep with no word from him.