Zulay Henao and Joel Rush

Late at night, Esperanza looks out her window to see Eddie pulling up in his squad car. She goes outside to find him nonchalantly smoking a cigarette, but she isn't interested in a casual conversation. She tells Eddie that she hasn't heard from Julius in three days.

"If you hurt him, I promise you I will go to the real police," she says.

"I am the real police," Eddie says firmly.

Esperanza won't be daunted and demands to know why Julius won't answer her calls.

"Dead people don't talk," Eddie says quietly.

Esperanza doesn't believe him, but Eddie won't give her any more information. Exasperated, she goes back inside.
Aiden Turner and Eltony Williams

At Alex and Brad's house, Alex is struggling with morning sickness. She goes downstairs to make sure Brad has seen their children off to school, and finds that her husband is still giving her the cold shoulder.

Finally, Alex snaps. "What has gotten into you?"

"What has gotten into you?" Brad says pointedly.

After a few more chilly words pass between them, Brad leaves for work.

Outside, Randal is taking a string trimmer to the front lawn. Before Brad gets into his car, he asks Randal whether he's noticed any men coming to the house. Randal says that he has not, aside from delivery or maintenance men, and he hasn't noticed them staying longer than usual. Concerned, Randal asks Brad what's going on.

"Nothing," Brad says.
April Parker Jones and Tiffany Haddish

At Burger Fast, Natalie arrives with two of her kids in tow. Seeing the children, a co-worker tells her that she needs more help from their father or their big brother. Natalie says she doesn't want her eldest son, Joey, back in the house after he nearly got her arrested during a drug bust. Eventually, the co-worker convinces her otherwise, and Natalie calls the prison to inform them that Joey can be released on parole; he has a place to stay.

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Esperanza arrives at Kelly's new house to find she isn't home, but she sees Randal still working on his lawn down the block. She goes over to say hello while she waits for Kelly, and cajoles Randal into lending a hand in helping Kelly to get settled in—a task he agrees to do when he hears Alex will be there.

Kelly arrives and apologizes for being late, and Alex comes next door to help her friends.
Amanda Clayton and Edwina Findley Dickerson

Inside Kelly's home, the women congratulate Alex on her pregnancy. Alex isn't feeling so celebratory, however, and tells them that Brad has been acting strangely since he learned of the baby.

Alex asks Kelly how Travis reacted when she got pregnant. Kelly pauses and then says, "Travis is, um…is not Justice's dad."

Alex and Esperanza are surprised, and the latter asks whether Justice knows that. Kelly admits that he doesn't.

"Look, I just think that it's always best to tell the truth," Alex says. "That way nobody gets hurt in the long run."

Kelly brushes her friends off by saying that she will tell him one day but that, at the moment, she needs help unpacking.
Joel Rush and Aiden Turner

At Brad's office, Eddie drops by for a visit and tells his friend that he found out whom Esperanza is dating. To Brad's astonishment and dismay, Eddie goes on to explain how he shot Julius in the leg the night he pulled him over, and he reveals how he's had Julius in lockup ever since.

As Brad begins to scold Eddie, his assistant comes in to tell him his doctor is on the phone. Brad asks Eddie to leave, but Eddie refuses, claiming that the friends have no secrets between them. Reluctantly, Brad takes the call.

"I was just wondering if it's possible for a vasectomy to fail," he says. "Yes, she is pregnant."

At this, Eddie's interest is piqued. After Brad hangs up, he asks whether Brad suspects Alex of cheating. When Brad admits that he does, Eddie says he was only joking, and assures him that she would never be unfaithful.
Zulay Henao

Back at Kelly's house, Esperanza finally receives a call from Julius. He tells her that Eddie shot him in the leg and threw him in jail, and that he was stuck there on false charges. Then, he says, the charges were mysteriously dropped, and they let him go.

Esperanza apologizes, but Julius says that Eddie is the one who's going to be sorry. Alarmed, Esperanza asks what he means.

"I'm going to take care of him," Julius says.

With a jolt of fear, Esperanza begs Julius not to hurt the father of her child. Julius is unmoved and hangs up. With that, Esperanza makes an excuse to Kelly and leaves.

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Young actor pointing gun at Malik Whitfield and Joel Rush

Across town, Eddie is running down a teenager suspected of having drugs, and he tackles the boy just in front of Lushion's apartment. Lushion hears Eddie scold the teenager and then call in for his partner to come meet him. As Eddie stands to use his radio, the boy gets up and pulls out a gun.

"Don't get hurt, kid," Eddie warns, seething.

As Eddie tries to talk the kid down, Lushion comes running out and puts himself between the gun and Eddie. Slowly, he convinces the boy to hand over the gun. Eddie pounces and winds up to hit the boy, but Lushion intervenes. Eddie's backup finally arrives, and he drags the kid to the squad car without another word to his savior.

"You're welcome," Lushion mutters to Eddie's back.
Amanda Clayton

Back at Kelly's house, Alex suffers another wave of nausea. When Randal and Kelly come to check on her, Kelly asks Randal to take her home.

"This morning sickness is no joke. I know firsthand," Kelly says. "Look, go home; get into bed."

Once they're next door, Randal confronts Alex.

"You're pregnant?" he demands.

Alex admits that she is. Randal puts the pieces together regarding Brad's odd question from that morning. He tells Alex that Brad asked about other men at the house—and he reveals that Brad had a vasectomy. Randal asks whether the baby could be his, but Alex won't hear it.

"I'm trying to stop this, remember?" she says. "I'm trying to get away from you, and you won't let me."

Unwilling to talk any further, Alex tells Randal to leave.

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