Aiden Turner, Amanda Clayton and Eltony Williams

Alone in the bathroom, Alex is looking at her calendar trying to figure out when she got pregnant—and by whom. Downstairs, Randal comes over to visit. He notices that Brad is slightly out of joint, but Brad brushes him off and offers Randal coffee. Randal goes to select a mug, pointedly choosing one that reads, "I Love Alex."

Alex is stunned when she comes downstairs and sees her lover there, holding the mug. She overreacts, saying she bought the mug for her husband, and pours fresh coffee into a travel cup for Randal.

Alex asks Randal whether she could speak with Brad alone, but Brad isn't interested. Still, Alex stands firm. When Randal leaves, Brad admits that he slept downstairs the night before.

"It's the baby," Alex says quietly. "I knew you would be upset."

"You have no idea," Brad replies, and with that he leaves.

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Malik Whitfield, April Parker Jones, Amanda Clayton, Aiden Turner and Eltony Williams

At the local baseball diamond, Natalie and Lushion meet up with Brad and Randal for their kids' Little League game. Natalie says the women are going to take a look at the house Kelly wants to buy, so the men are on kid duty at the game. Alex, Esperanza, Marcie and Kelly arrive, excited to see Kelly's prospective house.

As the women prepare to leave, Eddie turns up, demanding to speak to Esperanza. He drags her aside and tells her he spoke to her co-worker, who informed him that Esperanza requested an upcoming weekend off. "You taking vacation days now?" he growls. "You going someplace with him?"

As Esperanza struggles to free herself, Lushion, Natalie and Brad step in.

"I'm not going to be disrespected by this bitch!" Eddie hollers as Brad pulls him away.

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Edwina Findley Dickerson

In the car on the way to the house, the girls grill Esperanza. When she finally admits that she's seeing someone, the friends want details. Esperanza says that she's known him for three months but doesn't know what he does for a living.

The women immediately see red flags, but Esperanza doesn't want to hear it. "Kelly, this is your day," Esperanza says firmly. "We're going to go look at houses. This is a day for you. Can we just focus?"

The women give up the interrogation and drive to the open house next to Alex's. Inside, Kelly walks around and pictures her life there with Travis and her son, Justice. Kelly is unsure whether she can afford the house on her own, but her friends convince her that, with Travis' help, it would be the perfect place to start a family.

Bolstered by her friends' encouragement, Kelly puts her offer in with Marcie and goes outside to call Travis in Haiti. Instead of Travis, a woman answers. She seems very shocked to learn that Travis has a girlfriend, but she says nothing to Kelly.
Heather Hemmens, April Parker Jones, Zulay Henao, Amanda Clayton and Edwina Findley Dickerson

Inside the house, Alex admits that she's pregnant to her friends. She goes on to confess that Brad isn't happy about the pregnancy, but she says that she expects it's just stress from work and supporting the family.

Marcie comes back after talking with the house's seller—Kelly can close in five days, but she has to move fast. Nervous but excited, Kelly agrees, and the women go next door to Alex's to join their families and celebrate.
Amanda Clayton, Zulay Henao, Edwina Findley Dickerson, April Parker Jones and Heather Hemmens with glasses of wine

In Alex's dining room, the women toast Kelly's new home, and Esperanza jokes that Kelly can start filling up her new house with children. Struck by this, Marcie excuses herself and disappears.

When Alex gets up to find more wine for her guests in the kitchen, Randal corners her. He's upset that Alex isn't returning his calls, but Alex isn't moved.

"That little stunt that you pulled coming over here this morning really pissed me off," she says through a clenched smile.

Noticing Alex's discomfort, Ed comes over and suggests that Randal leave her alone. Reluctantly, Randal obeys.

Back in the dining room, Alex discovers that Marcie is missing. She finds her friend upstairs crying in her daughter's room. She's breaking under the weight of trying to get pregnant with Randal.

"He's not going to leave me, is he?" she asks. "Or cheat on me because I can't give him what he wants?"

Stricken, Alex tells Marcie not to think about that and urges her to pull herself together. She leads Marcie to the bathroom to clean herself up just before escaping to her son's room and bursting into tears.

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Denzel Wells

Outside, Kelly has finally gotten ahold of Travis, who isn't thrilled to hear from her.

"Do you have any idea how dangerous it is out here? And you have me in the middle of the streets trying to find a signal just so you could talk about a house?" he says.

Dismayed, Kelly apologizes as Travis hangs up on her.
Aiden Turner and Amanda Clayton

After their guests leave, Alex tries to talk with Brad about his anger over her pregnancy, but she makes no headway.

Meanwhile, Natalie and Lushion are dealing with their own relationship problems on their drive home. Lushion is still struggling to find a job and won't accept Natalie's help, and Natalie wishes she had more help paying the bills.
Joel Rush and Zulay Henao

Esperanza comes home to find that Eddie has broken in and is going through her personal emails and messages. He's discovered that Esperanza has been seeing Julius, and he's going to pay him a visit.

After Eddie speeds off in his squad car, Esperanza calls Julius to warn him. Julius isn't worried, though, cryptically telling Esperanza that cops don't come after him. As Esperanza begs Julius to be cautious, she gets another call. It's Eddie, who at that very moment is pulling over Julius.

"I want you to hear something," he says as he approaches Julius' vehicle.

Ignoring Esperanza's pleas on the phone to stop, he commands Julius to lower his weapon—a weapon the very confused Julius doesn't have. Eddie fires one shot through the open driver's side window, and Julius lets out a scream.