Eddie's Secret Is Out

Season 3 Episode 316
Aired on 02/21/2018 | CC tv-14
Eddie has been getting his revenge on Larry by tormenting him inside a truck parked in a remote location. He's about to begin another round of sick torture when his cell phone rings. It's Lushion, and he's just found out that the high-profile lawyer is missing. "I just want you to know that some people called, asking for Larry, and want to know where he is," he tells Eddie.

"Who?" Eddie says, feigning ignorance.

Lushion knows full well that Eddie would never forget a man who humiliated him. "Well, you better figure it out and figure it out quick," he says gravely. "Because you know kidnapping is a federal offense."

Eddie continues to put on an act, unaware that Lushion is playing a game of his own. A satellite map appears on his computer screen, pinpointing the crooked cop's location. "Eddie?" Lushion asks. "Why are you standing in the middle of nowhere next to a box truck?"

Eddie looks up and around, realizing he's been caught.

"You know, if you didn't want me to know where you were, you shouldn't have answered your phone," Lushion says.

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