Humiliated, Eddie Vows Revenge

Season 3
Aired on 01/17/2018 | CC
Eddie has just been violated by Randal and his friend Larry. After stripping him of his clothes, the men left Eddie bound and chained in one of Randal's bedrooms. Lushion was able to free him, but not before Marcie, Esperanza and Natalie got a good look.

The women are recovering from the sordid scene they just witnessed and are having a laugh outside the house when, suddenly, gunshots ring out from the other side of the front door.

Inside the house, Eddie has managed to grab Lushion's gun and fires shots at Randal and Larry. Luckily for them, Lushion overpowers Eddie and grabs the gun back before anyone is hurt.

"What are you, crazy?" Randal shouts.

"You know damn well I am," Eddie spits back.

Larry, on the other hand, seems to get some kind of sick pleasure out of Eddie's rage. "He is a wild one," he tells Randal. "I love it. Deranged."

While Larry teases Eddie and calls him a stallion that he'd love to break, the nefarious cop knows he'll get the last laugh. "You two have your little inside jokes. But I got bullets," Eddie promises.

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