Does Kelly Have a Secret Criminal Past?

Season 2
Aired on 10/10/2016 | CC tv-14
When Eddie hears that Brad is the prime suspect in the disappearance of Alex's newborn and Randal, he tips Brad off before offering to move any bodies Brad wants to keep hidden. Brad maintains that he has no idea what Eddie is referring to, but that doesn't stop cops from coming to Brad's house with a search warrant and arresting him for murder, after finding a pair of muddy boots.

Meanwhile, Julius continues to pique Ben's interest, by offering him drugs in exchange for his service and loyalty; but, if Eddie finds out, Ben could be in grave danger.

Alone in the woods, Alex survives her car crash, and hitches a ride with a truck driver late at night. She's determined to make it to her childhood home, where she believes her parents have her child.

Kelly's ex-boyfriend's mother reveals, over the phone, that she knows it was Kelly who committed the crime her son is paying for in prison. Did the always-level-headed Kelly get caught up in some questionable past behavior?

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