Did Randal Get Alex Pregnant on Purpose?

Season 1 Episode 135
Aired on 04/06/2016 | CC tv-14
Randal, in an unusually good mood, returns home to find his mother cooking in the kitchen. He mentions to her that he's just come from a meeting with lawyers, so, naturally, Louise assumes that means her son began the divorce proceedings—but Randal explains otherwise. Randal tells her that met with a judge to sanction an emergency hearing over Alex's newborn son in an attempt for Randal to gain custody.

Louise starts to see something sinister in her son that she hadn't noticed before. "There is malicious intent in what you did. You did this on purpose," she says. "You got that woman pregnant on purpose, just so you could have a son."

Randal doesn't deny any of his mother's accusations, but he deflects blame by bringing up Marcie's tryst with Brad in the shed.

"You did this!" Louise says. "You started all of this!"

"Okay. Okay, I started it. And I'm damned sure going to finish it."

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