Brad to Marcie: "I Feel Like You're Pushing Me Back to Alex"

Season 1 Episode 137
Aired on 04/19/2016 | CC tv-14
Marcie and Brad have finally moved out of their respective homes after a torrid affair between Alex and Randal shattered their marriages. Although Marcie was short on money, Brad agreeing to split the rent on an apartment allowed her to escape Randal's sadistic clutches. Now the former lovers find themselves living as roommates and still reeling from the traumatic split from their spouses.

Brad admits that he still has strong feelings for his wife, Alex, and Marcie doesn't try to convince him otherwise. In fact, she asserts that Randal was most likely to blame for the affair and that Alex was probably helpless to resist.

"He's a master manipulator; he studied it," she says.

However, Brad is not convinced that Alex could be so easily controlled. "She knew exactly what she was doing," he says to Marcie, reminding her of the strength, resourcefulness and cunning that Alex needed to escape the violent, abusive household she grew up in. "She had to do everything she could to survive living in her parents' house."

Even so, Marcie points out that Randal's advanced knowledge of human psychology and his uncanny ability to manipulate others can convince juries to free murderers. "I wouldn't underestimate him."

Confused, Brad says, "I feel like you're pushing me back to Alex."

Marcie denies it, though, and laughs off his comment, saying, "I need help with the rent."

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