Ben: "If You Don't Get with Eddie, You Will Get Got"

Season 2
Aired on 09/13/2016 | CC tv-14
The new season of If Loving You Is Wrong picks up right where the drama left off: in the midst of some very troubling circumstances. Alex comes home to blood stains and a missing baby. In a blind panic, she runs over to Randal's home where Louise is writhing on the ground, covered in blood. Over at newly affianced Natalie's home, what was meant to be a happy occasion quickly turns to tragedy when gunshots ring out through the streets. Natalie and her finance, Lushion, run outside to find her son Joey and his girlfriend, Faun, lying on the ground, bleeding.

Back at the precinct, Eddie's thirst for power continues to grow, as he openly threatens to cause problems for the rookie cop Andrew unless he stops meddling in Eddie’s corrupt business affairs—specifically, Eddie's attempted assassination of Pete. Eddie's sidekick Ben reiterates the danger Andrew faces by threatening a second time.

Abandoned by her love interest, Randal, Kelly finds herself alone with her son, Justice, once again. She reveals to Esperanza that Justice's father has been released from prison and that he has requested to stay with her, leaving Kelly feeling conflicted. Later that night, Kelly steps outside on her porch, where she is attacked and sexually assaulted by her former lover, Travis.

Still in a state of shock, Alex tries to phone her mother for help, but gets no response. As it turns out, Brad and Randal, who have been missing from the scene, are deep in an unknown forest. Randal wakes to find himself lying in a coffin-shaped box, while Brad can be heard speaking with someone nearby. Will Randal find a way to escape the grisly end Brad seems to have planned for him?