Are Alex and Brad Getting Back Together?

Season 2 Episode 221
Aired on 05/23/2017 | CC tv-14
He's tried to move on, but Brad can't shake his feelings for Alex. He drops by the house to talk and admits to Alex that he still loves her. Hopeful that she can reconcile her marriage, Alex vows that she will never, ever cheat on Brad again. She even attempts to congratulate Brad on Marcie's pregnancy, but quickly realizes that Brad has no idea Marcie has been claiming she is carrying Brad's child.

Suddenly, a switch turns off in Brad and he becomes cold. Alex thinks it's what she's said, but it's the surprise visitor Brad has spotted that has turned him into ice. Randal strolls up to the car the couple is in, taunting Alex with the news of their court date the following morning and reminding her that he's about to take full custody of their child. "One more thing," he adds. "Did you still want to meet up in the shed later, like you suggested earlier?"

Brad may still be in love with Alex, but one thing is clear: As long as Randal is in the picture, he will never be able to move forward.

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