Alex Veers Off the Road in Search of Her Baby

Season 2
Aired on 10/03/2016 | CC tv-14
When Esperanza hears the news about Joey having been brutally shot, she rushes to the hospital, where Joey's mother, Natalie, will need the support of her friends and loved ones to get through the pain and anger she's feeling.

At the same hospital, Pete finally wakes up from a coma, after having been shot multiple times in an assassination attempt set up by Eddie.

Distressed that her baby is missing, Alex is frantically driving when she calls Brad and he hangs up on her. When Alex looks up, she sees a deer in her path and veers off the road, straight into a tree.

Travis' unhinged nature begins to get the best of his, as he grapples with his strong feelings of love and hatred for Kelly. Will his volatile emotions drive him to commit a crime of passion?

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