Alex Reluctantly Lets Randal See His Son

Season 1 Episode 139
Aired on 05/03/2016 | CC tv-14
On the advice of Randal's mother, Louise, Alex agrees to let Randal come see his child, hoping he'll stop trying to take him away from her. At long last, Randal meets his son—but he is appalled when he learns that Alex has named him after Brad.

"The child is too important to me," he tells Alex. "I can't let him be named after someone who's not his father."

Now that Randal has seen his son, Alex hopes he'll stop interfering with her desire to raise the child without his help. To her dismay, Randal has other ideas.

"I'm letting you know I want custody," Randal says, "without him being around Brad or your father."

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