Alex Makes Randal an Unthinkable Offer

Season 3 Episode 316
Aired on 02/21/2018 | CC tv-14
Randal's shed is the last place Alex thought she'd ever be again, but her ex-lover's tirades have put her in an awful situation. Randal has just discovered that the DNA results were tainted and that he is, in fact, the father of Alex's baby. He promises Alex that he will use his lawyers to ruin her life and take custody of their son.

Desperate to keep her baby and her marriage, Alex tells Randal he can have the one thing she knows he wants the most. "I know that you still want me," she says. "You still want me, and you can have me if you just drop this, if you don't pursue this."

Randal is intrigued, despite the fact that Alex can hardly stand to make eye contact with him. "I can have you how?" he asks.

"Any way you want me," Alex says. "I just—I don't want to lose my son. And I don't want to lose Brad."

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