Lushion Proposes to Natalie

Season 1 Episode 140
Aired on 05/10/2016 | CC tv-14
Lushion pops into the diner where his girlfriend, Natalie, has been working since she got her job back. Natalie believes Lushion stopped by to say hello and have some lunch, but Lushion has something better in mind.

Natalie takes a small break to catch up with Lushion, and they grab a small, two-person table in the center of the dining area. They muse about their current situation—living together without being married—and comment how both of their mothers would have disdainfully called called it "shacking up." Natalie and Lushion share a laugh, but he confesses that he never liked the idea of shacking up either.

"Will you marry me?" Lushion asks from across the table.

Natalie is sure Lushion must be joking. "You're just saying that because of what your mama said," she teases.

On the contrary, Lushion has never been more serious. He gets the attention of all the diner patrons so they can bear witness to his love for Natalie. Then, he pulls out a wedding ring.

Natalie realizes this proposal wasn't as spontaneous as she originally thought, and, overwhelmed with emotions, she accepts Lushion's proposal.

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