Get Organized With These Personalized Clipboards You Can Make In Minutes

Season 6 Episode 4
CC | tv-pg
Organize schedules, party invites, photos and more with this simple hanging clipboards.

  • 6 clear acrylic clipboards
  • 6 decorative hooks with wall hanging hardware
  • 6 metal keychain with carabiner clip
  • 6 Pens
  • Decorative wallpaper—colors and styles of your choice
  • Spray adhesive
  • Craft knife
  • Cutting board
  • Acrylic cleaner
  • Dry rag


    Lay a piece of decorative wallpaper face up on the cutting board. Place a clipboard on top of the wallpaper, positioning it with the wallpaper design to your liking underneath.

    Carefully use a craft knife to cut the wallpaper all around the clipboard, including around the clip at the top.

    Set the clipboard to one side and turn the wallpaper over. Carefully use a craft knife to cut away excess wallpaper.

    Turn t he wallpaper pat tern-side up. I n a well vent ilated area, apply spray adhesive to the decorative side of the wallpaper, holding the can about 12” from the surface. Set the wallpaper to one side for 1-2 minutes allowing the glue to become tacky.

    Clean the back of the clipboard with acrylic cleaner and a dry rag to remove any lint, dust and fingerprints.

    Take the tacky wallpaper and carefully place it on the back of the clipboard. Press out any trapped air bubbles with your fingers, starting in the center and pushing the bubbles out of the side.

    Clip the metal keychain onto the clipboard leaving the ring free to hang on a decorative hook.

    Repeat steps 1-7 to make an additional 5 decorative clipboards.

    Once the clipboards are complete, hang t hem in a configuration of your choosing using the decorative hooks. Use the clip on each board to hold a pen ready for use.