Add Industrial Charm to Any Room With These Super Simple Copper Lamps

Season 6 Episode 13
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These DIY lanterns are a simple way to add rustic style to your home.

  • (3) 24” L x 1” W copper pipe
  • Tape measure
  • Pipe cutter
  • Light socket
  • Dowel
  • LED lightbulbs
  • Super glue
  • Glue accelerator (helps the copper pipes stick to one another faster and more securely in tandem with the super glue)
  • Drill and drill bit
  • Pliers
  • Link chain
  • Dry rags
  • Brass/copper polish
  • Dry rags
    Locate the centerof the 24”copper pipe, and place the pipe cutter at the halfway mark (12 inches).

    Twist, tighten, and rotatethe pipe cutter around the copper pipe until it divides in half completely. Repeat, cutting all three pipes in half.

    Feed the light socket (without the lightbulb) through the top of one of the copper pipe halves. Use a dowel if need be to help push it down until the hole is until the socket reaches the other end of the pipe.

    Use the copper piece with the light fixture/bulb attached as thecenter piece for the pendant. Lay another copper piece beside the center piece, apply the glue between the crevice of the pipesand apply the acceleratorimmediately. The accelerator helps secure the pipes infinitely more quickly and securely.

    Take the drill and drill bit, and drill a holeapproximately 1”-2” from theopening of the pipeat the topof the center piece at the opposite end of the light fixture. Drill all the way through until there are clean holes on either side. This will serve as the anchor that will hold the chain for hanging.

    Layer the remaining pipes in whatever fashion you choose, repeating step 4 until all pipes are securely attached to one another.

    Prepare the chain link for hanging. Remove the last link from the chain, and reconnect it to the third link so that two links are connected to the third link. This will ensure that the pendant hangs evenly. Open the two evenly hung links with pliers and feed one link in each hole at the top of the pipe from step 5. Close the links with pliers.

    Once the pipes are fully attached and the chain intact, use the dry rag and brass/copper polish to rub away any fingerprints.

    Hang the pendant from hooks inthe celing at a desired height.

    Consult an electrician for installation.