Soleil Moon Frye

Here are some fun behind-the-scenes shots from new host Soleil Moon Frye's first season of shooting Home Made Simple.
Soleil and Sharone

Guest Chef Sharone Hakman teaches the Sanchez family and host Soleil Moon Frye his secret Chimichurri sauce recipe.
Kim Myles and Soleil Moon Frye

Designer Kim Myles and host Soleil Moon Frye put the finishing touches on a room.
Soleil Moon Frye, Amy Devers, Ken Wingard

Host Soleil Moon Frye, carpenter Amy Devers, and designer Kenneth Wingard set the stage for some DIY birdbaths.
Soleil Moon Frye

Soleil adds some color and texture to a living room before the reveal.
Soleil Moon Frye and Ken Wingard

Soleil Moon Frye and designer Kenneth Wingard hang up unique rain gutter planters during the finishing touches.
Soleil Moon Frye and kids

Soleil gets to know the kids of the Alexandria House in between projects.
Soleil Moon Frye, Jennifer Farrell

Designer Jennifer Farrell and host Soleil Moon Frye get their hands dirty while making custom ombre curtains with a simple dip-dye trick!
Soleil Moon Frye and Kim Myles

Host Soleil Moon Frye and designer Kim Myles get the kids involved in a colorful project during shooting.