You Can Make This Chic, Modern Chandelier With A Few Pieces of Paper

Season 6 Episode 15
Aired on 04/01/2017 | CC
Add a bit of modern glam to any room with this chandelier you can make in about an hour.

  • Paper lantern (basic lantern from a big box store)
  • 2 scissors
  • Plain printing paper
  • Super glue
  • Light socket/set
  • LED bulb

    Assemble the pre­bought paper lantern according to the directions that come with the lamp.

    Fold the paper over and use the scissors to cut a feather shape in the paper. You can get about two to three feathers from one sheet of paper.

    Cut slits in with the scissors along the edges of the feather.

    Cut out as many feathers as you need to cover the outside of the paper lantern. Attach the wire frame inside of the lamp shade and add the light socket/set.

    Apply glue along the inside spine of feather. Apply the feathers individually and face down to the shade. Layer the feathers around the lantern. Repeat until the lantern is covered in paper feathers.

    Screw in the light bulb from the bottom of the lamp.