You Won't Believe How Simple These Stylish Candleholders Are to Make

Season 6 Episode 1
CC | tv-pg
This 10-minute project is a super simple way to add some elegant ambient lighting to any room.

  • 3 hurricane glass candle holders at various sizes
  • Sandpaper–60 Grade
  • Multiple, various sized rubber bands
  • Dry rags
  • Spray paint–gold, silver, and brass colors


    Lightly sand the exterior of the glass hurricanes. Continue until they are etched to hold the paint. Use a dry rag to wipe off excess dust.

    Wrap the hurricane holders in rubber bands. This serves as a path for the light to come through.

    Spray paint the candle holders the color of your choice. Keep the spray paint can about 12 inches away from the surface.

    Set aside and let dry for 30­ to 40 minutes. Once completely dry, cut away the rubber bands with the scissors.