Repurpose Old Clothespins With This Simple Lantern Project

Season 6 Episode 7
Aired on 07/01/2017 | CC
Glue and a handful of old clothespins come together to create a unique architectural lamp.

  • 128 Clothespins
  • 2 fast-drying bottles of glue
  • (4) 2 x 3 pieces of pre-cut wood
  • 10 x 10” base
  • Pencil
  • Clamp
  • Drill with pre-drill bit
  • 12 small screws
  • Drill with a 1 1/2" spade drill bit
  • Light kit with cord
  • Sandpaper (grade 150)


    Glue 16 clothes pins together in opposite directions. This will build one half of one wall of the lamp. Then, build the other half, and glue the two halves together to create one wall totaling 32 clothes pins.

    Repeat to build the remaining 3 walls.

    Place the(4) 2”x 3”wood blocks over the corners of the wood base, and trace with a pencil to mark where they should go.

    Flip the wood baseover and placethe wood blocks underneath the marked corners. Clamp the base and drill 3holes into the drawn squares and wood blocks. Use the screwsto secure the wood blocks through the pre-drilled holes.

    Use the drill with a spade drill bit to createa hole in the center of the base for the light fixture. The drill bit should be slightly bigger than the light fixture. Drill until the center hole is completely open.

    Gently sand the entire base with 150 grade sandpaper,and then feed the light fixture through the center holefrom the back of the wood base.

    Measure 1 1/4" from the edge of the base, and trace the lines in the shape of a square for where the clothespins wall will be placed.

    Glue across the lines and place4walls of 32clothespins on each side. Glue the corners of the clothes pinswalls together. Connect the light bulb to the fixture and plug into a socket.