This Creative New Way To Display Family Photos Will Light Up Your Living Room

Season 6 Episode 3
CC | tv-pg
If photo albums aren't your thing, you'll love this clever way to show off treasured photos using repurposed bell jars.

  • 3 cloches of varying sizes
  • Drill with 3/4 inch drill bit
  • 3 lamp kits with bulb (small bulbs, 60 watts or less to avoid burning the paper)
  • 3 1.5­inch wood peg bases to match size of cloche
  • Wood glue
  • Photos copied onto Vellum paper (4x6 or fit to size of cloche)


    Measure the length of the bottom base of the cloche, and drill in the center of the halfway point of the cloche’s length using a 3/4 inch drill bit. This is where the light bulb hole will be inserted.

    Once a hole has been drilled, unscrew the lamp base socket, insert the light bulb wire through the hole,and screw the lamp base socket on top.

    Glue 3 wooden pegs to the bottom of the cloche base in the shape of the triangle. These will be the legs of the cloche. Let dry for 3 minutes.

    Next, flip over and glue 2 wooden pegs on the cloche base. This helps support the photos. Once glued,screw in the light bulb.

    Take the glass cover of the cloche and wipe off smudges and fingerprints with a paper towel.

    Fold the photo(s) into the glass, line up with edge of the base, and place the glass and photo over the cloche base. Trim off any excess inches on the photo that do not fit.

    Plug in lamps.