A Teacher's Incredible Patio Makeover in Honor of Her Late Husband

Season 7 Episode 702
Aired on 11/18/2017 | CC tv-pg
For 42 years, Katie Webb dedicated herself to education. Even after retiring, Katie's commitment has continued with the ongoing scholarship fund she and her husband, Ernest, established at their church, sending more than 50 local young people to college over the years.

Through everything, Katie and Ernest were each other's rock. From the moment they met, it seemed as if they had a "divine connection," according to their daughter, Ernesha. So, when Ernest died in 2016 just one month after the couple's 49th wedding anniversary, Katie was heartbroken.

Just as Ernest was the heartbeat of the Webb family, the back patio—Ernest's favorite spot—was the heartbeat of their home. To honor Ernest's memory as well as his and Katie's philanthropy, the Home Made Simple team completely transforms Katie's dated outdoor area into a stunning, welcoming space that leaves Katie completely speechless.