A Serene Bedroom Makeover for a Mom Who Survived Cancer

Season 7 Episode 714
Aired on 12/09/2017 | CC tv-pg
When Erin Froehlich was 24, she was diagnosed with Stage 2B colon cancer, the same disease that killed her father. Thanks to a swift-moving medical team, a successful surgery and the support of her boyfriend-turned-husband, Brandon, Erin is now cancer-free.

As a way to honor the mother of two for her courage, Brandon wants to make over the master bedroom so that it becomes the healing, soothing space that Erin deserves. Watch as the couple beholds the Home Made Simple team's handiwork: the transformation of the Froehlichs' cluttered, cramped space into an airy retreat conducive to serenity but with an eye toward functionality.

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